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Alfred Lowe's work, rooted in complex dynamics, delves into issues of identity, culture, politics and the delicate balance between them. CODE-SWITCHED, showcases a profound exploration of these themes, combining vibrant mark-making and intense colours into an electrifying body of work.

Central Australia, a region as diverse in its political and racial dynamics as its geography, has deeply influenced the artistic journey of Alfred Lowe. His fervent commitment to politics and racial justice serves as a guiding force, influencing how he explores the intricacies of culture and identity in contemporary life. As a burgeoning star in the art world, Alfred continually delves into the profound influences and experiences that thread through his artistic practice.

Alfred Lowe’s artistic DNA can be traced back to the heart of Australia, he is an Arrernte person hailing from Snake Well in the central desert, just north of Alice Springs. His passion for fine arts is deeply rooted in his upbringing, where he spent a significant portion of his formative years around the Araluen Arts and Cultural Precinct, which played an instrumental role in nurturing his early artistic inclinations.

Alfred’s determination to develop his own fine art practice led him to Adelaide, where he has not only found a home but a thriving practice. Supported by the APY Adelaide Studio, he breathes life into works inspired by his intimate knowledge of the central desert landscape.

In Alfred’s upcoming exhibition, CODE-SWITCHED, his body of work extends beyond the realm of his well-known ceramics, with the inclusion of paintings that exude the same artistic vitality and energy found in his ceramics.


Alfred opens up about the meaning behind CODE-SWITCHED and how it’s represented in this body of work, “You know, navigating cultures is a skill we acquire over time. It’s filled with missteps, awkward moments, and even some clashes. When we’re kids, we figure out how to fit into different worlds and blend our various identities to form our complete selves. These worlds often collide, and they’re built on different foundations.”

He continues, “This work is about showcasing this clash and shedding light on the beauty and struggles of my identity. It’s not about casting one side as good and the other as bad; just like many of us, I’m caught in the crossfire. It’s like carrying the scars from a battle, always ready to stand up, but forever seeking that delicate equilibrium. This exhibition is a part of my ongoing exploration of life in those spaces between boundaries.”

Alfred Lowe’s work is a profound exploration of identity, culture, and the tapestry of Central Australia’s complex dynamics. His artistry, rooted in deep reverence for Country is informed by a life of artistic exposure.  Be prepared to be captivated by Alfred’s vibrant, intense colour selection, and distinctive mark-making, all hallmarks of his artistic prowess.  Be sure to mark your calendars for CODE-SWITCHED at Aboriginal Art Co.

Image: Alfred Lowe with ceramic work. Photography by Andy Francis courtesy of the APY Art Centre Collective.


Event Details:

Exhibition opening | Alfred Lowe: CODE-SWITCHED
• Friday 3 November, 5.30pm

Artist Talk with Alfred Lowe
• Saturday 4 November, 11.00am

Aboriginal Art Co is supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland, Australian Government through Indigenous Visual Arts Industry Support (IVAIS), with philanthropic support from Tim Fairfax Family Foundation (TFFF). 

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