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Beneath Ripples

New artwork by Casey Coolwell-Fisher

Aboriginal Art Co is proud to present the latest body of work created by Casey Coolwell-Fisher. 

Casey Coolwell-Fisher is a Nunukul woman of the Quandamooka people from Minjerribah/Tjerrangeri (North Stradbroke Island). She is known for CHABOO designs where she is the co-owner, artist and designer of the bespoke homewares. Just like her work with CHABOO this exhibition reflects on Casey’s connection to land, waters and skies.  

In the makings of Beneath the Ripples, Casey took this exhibition as an opportunity to teach her 2 year old son about Minjerribah/Tjerrangeri’s sea creatures and the waters they live in. Using their way of storytelling, Casey and her son saw the different animals, mimicked their movements, then drew and created personalities for the creatures. Casey shares part of the story explaining, 

“We are the people of the sand and water, our two totems are Buwangun, the bottlenose dolphin, and Kapul, the carpet snake. They are our protectors. This artwork represents the old passage that connected Pulan, Amity, to Mulgumpin, Moreton Island, and what lies beneath the ripples.

Our protector, Kapul, is shown in the thick flowing lines surrounding Buwangun’s blow hole ripples. This creates the passage in the artwork. They are surrounded by ‘cousin’ Ancestors the Banggu – stingrays, Bunbiya – turtles, Gayanggan – sharks, Maranjil – jellyfish/octopus, Mirrigin Woulan – starfish and Woulan – fish.”

Beneath the Ripples mimics a dining room set-up evoking feelings of family and connection. Featuring sea creatures from Minjerribah/Tjerrangeri this exhibition perfectly combines the values of family, storytelling and Country.

Blog written by Logan Bobongie, 2022.

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