Proudly an Aboriginal-led Not-for-profit Organisation.

Proudly First Nations-led and managed. We’re passionate about Indigenous art and the people who create it because we’re passionate about our community.

Tjanpi Desert Weavers

Aboriginal Art Co seeks to collaborate with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander independent artists, arts businesses, and Art Centres in Queensland, and across Australia.

Wik and Kugu

We create a seamless online experience, so you can appreciate the intricacies and diversity of our arts, whether you are here to browse, shop, or research.

Buku-Larrnggay Mulka Centre

Everyone deserves the opportunity to tell their story on their own terms. That’s why we’re helping to elevate Indigenous culture and commerce on multiple fronts.

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Aboriginal Art Co consciously curates authentic Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander products to ensure quality, value and impact.

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We partner with like-minded groups and individuals, and keen to hear from potential sponsors and supporters, independent artists, creative businesses, and Art Centres, who are wanting to join us on this journey.

Contact us to initiate a reciprocal relationship with Aboriginal Art Co.

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Art Sales

Aboriginal Art Co is an accessible marketplace for consumers.

Aboriginal Art Co has an online store as well as a physical store in Brisbane. Our unique platform has high visibility in a city metro location.

We’re not your typical art dealers. We don’t represent any particular artists as we don’t want to limit our impact. We also want to be as inclusive as possible.

We sell art by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists whether they are independent, or associated with an art center or organisation. We prefer to sell art through a consignment agreement.

It is preferred that the artwork has ‘Certificates of Authentication’, or if they are an independent artist, that the artist is a member of the Indigenous Art Code.

Product Sales

Products can diversify an artist's income to allow for financial independence and self-determination.

We know how important it is for First Nations artists and makers to get their art, products and culture out to the world on their own terms. That’s why we source and stock art and artisan products from a broad range of Aboriginal-owned businesses, independent artists, and Art Centers.

We are particularly interested in hand-made, ethical, natural and environmentally friendly items that reflect our culture and stories. Our preferred method of selling artisan products is through a wholesale agreement.

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Product Development

Aboriginal Art Co is excited about the many ways our artwork and stories can be translated into products.

Aboriginal Art Co aspires to support artists in developing market-ready products. We are testing the market with limited edition prints and bespoke products.

We will look at art licensing agreements for each of these types of collaborations.

We collaborate with artists through the design, manufacturing, marketing, and sales of the product.

Collaboration enquiry

An opportunity to be aligned with an ethical Indigenous brand.

We pride ourselves on providing access to high-quality art and products. If you would like to collaborate through art sales, product sales or product development, please send an inquiry and a portfolio of your art or catalogue of your offerings for consideration.

We are also open to new ideas!

Aboriginal Art Co welcomes financial and in-kind support from corporate and private entities. Please complete the form and we will be in touch to discuss the opportunity of working together.

"60,000 years of continuous artistic expression is powerful."

Troy Casey, Founder
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