Proudly an Aboriginal-led Not-for-profit Organisation.

Proudly First Nations-led and managed. We’re passionate about Indigenous art and the people who create it because we’re passionate about our community.

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Aboriginal Art Co seeks to collaborate with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander independent artists, arts businesses, and Art Centres in Queensland, and across Australia.

Wik and Kugu

We create a seamless online experience, so you can appreciate the intricacies and diversity of our arts, whether you are here to browse, shop, or research.

Buku-Larrnggay Mulka Centre

Everyone deserves the opportunity to tell their story on their own terms. That’s why we’re helping to elevate Indigenous culture and commerce on multiple fronts.

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Aboriginal Art Co consciously curates authentic Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander products to ensure quality, value and impact.

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ethical trading

Indigenous Art Code members

We're building a brand that consumers can trust!

Aboriginal Art Co are proud members of Indigenous Art Code which is a system to preserve and promote ethical trade of Indigenous art. It is so important to have an organisation, like the Code, that establishes and monitors standards for dealings between dealers and artists. Buying Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art ethically will help artists, communities and the world’s oldest living culture to survive and thrive.

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Retail in Australia is shifting. There is a noticeable rise in conscious consumers looking for ethical purchases and researching qualities such as social impact, experience, reliability, business values and transparency rather than just prices.   

Access to authentic and ethically sourced Aboriginal art and artisan products in Brisbane is extremely difficult for consumers, particularly tourists that are visiting. There is a desire to make ethical choices and connect to a story that can be shared with family and friends, and possibly social media. There is a need to be a part of something that is genuinely creating change and providing opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists and communities. 

Aboriginal Art Co has established an Aboriginal-led art gallery and retail store. A special place with a professionally curated cultural experience where people are confident in the integrity of the brand, people and products on offer.

Decades ago, Queensland Aboriginal Creations (QAC) was opened in the Brisbane CBD. QAC was a government owned and operated from 1958 to 2005 and sold works from genuine Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists. At the time, QAC and was the leader in the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander tourism retail market in Queensland. Since the closure of QAC, there has been limited opportunities for consumers to engage with and purchase Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art or products.

Due to the rarity of authentic art in the retail tourism space, Aboriginal Art Co has seen a dramatic rise of inauthentic Aboriginal art and craft products in the souvenir market. It has been estimated that up to 80 % of Aboriginal art and craft products market is fake. Fake art not only denies Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists economic opportunities but also has profound and harmful effect on the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community, their culture and heritage.

In 2017, a Parliamentary Inquiry was announced into the manufacture, sale and growing presence of inauthentic Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander ‘style’ art and craft products and merchandise for sale across Australia. The Parliamentary Inquiry received over 160 written submissions, in addition to video submissions and exhibits, demonstrating the harmful impacts that inauthentic art and craft products have on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists and communities, in addition to consumers and businesses. The Inquiry released its in December 2018 and provided the Federal Government with eight recommendations to consider in addressing the issue of inauthentic art and craft products. The Parliamentary Inquiry exposed the extent of the ongoing problem and associated campaigns, like the Fake Art Harms Culture campaign, has raised and maintained community awareness about the issue.

That’s why we exist. We are combating fake art by offering an alternative!

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