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  1. ‘Tjarlirli Rockhole Tjawina’ Painting

    Two women are at the Tjarlirli rockhole near Tjurkala. They are cooking up the bush tucker they have collected and have been digging for water. Their campsite is depicted with wiltchya (shelter) and the fi...

  2. ‘In the best interest of the child’ painting

    Price on Request ‘In the best interest of the child’ is a reimagining of a location that Harrison’s father speaks about. This location is a place where he would go to escape what was going on...

  3. ’87 Grey St – A Lotta History’ painting

    ’87 Grey St – A Lotta History’ tells this history of the lot that The Design Bank is situated. From 1917 – 1925 the building on this site, The Pike Building, was leased to the South Bri...

  4. Rachael Sarra paintings

    From late February to early March 2022, Brisbane suffered an extraordinary weather event with significant “rain bomb” that produced an enormous amount of water, equal to 80% of the annual rainf...

  5. Karnamarr (Red Tailed Black Cockatoo) sculpture

    This piece was carved by Harold Goodman and painted by Irene Henry. Irene and Harold are partners that live at the Kakadu Outstation of Kapalga. Irene’s family are from Tiwi islands....

  6. ‘Wanampi Tjukurrpa (Snake Dreaming)’ painting

    As told by Francis Marshall. My father’s father’s Dreaming, my grandfather. We go there, Pikilily Top Springs west of Yuendumu out there. It’s still there, a scary place. The snake Dreami...

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