Buyku bark


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This detailed black and white bark painting is by renowned artist Djirrirra Wununmurra. The work comes with a wall mount for easy installation. An Artwork Certificate is supplied with this painting.

The sacred diamond design generally refers to the waters around Gangan but here are encased in a strong grid of vertical and horizontal lines which show the structure of the fish trap made during Mirrawarr (early dry season) with Rangan (paperbark) and wooden stakes. This is the Buyku or fishtrap area which is ‘company’ land (ie. shared by all the people who live by/sing the river). The Dhalwangu and allied groups who participate in this song cycle and fishing activity are hunting Baypinga (Saratoga) as does the Gany’turr (Reef Heron) which they identify with as the archetypal Yirritja hunter.

Earth pigment on Stringbark

44 x 26.5

Made in Nhulunbuy, NT.

Meet the Artist

Djirrirra Wununmurra

Djirrirra Wunungmurra is an artist at Buku-Larrŋgay Mulka Centre.

Meet the Artist