Desert grass, raffia and emu feather basket


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This basket was made by Mary Gibson. Tjanpi Desert Weavers are known for their beautifully woven baskets and animal sculptures made from locally harvest desert grasses (minarri, wangurnu and yirlintji).

This basket is bound with natural, bright pink and green raffia and decorated with emu feathers (wipiya).

This basket is made from desert grass, woven in natural and coloured raffia, with emu feathers stitched into the centre.

The basket is 24.5cm in diameter and 6cm deep.

Tjanpi Desert Weavers work with artists from the NPY lands cover approximately 350,000 square kilometres across the tri-state (WA, SA, NT) border region of Central Australia.

Meet the Artist

Mary Gibson

Mary Gibson is a member of the Tjanpi Desert Weavers.

Meet the Artist