‘Kungkarangkalpa Tjukurrpa’ painting


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This painting depicts an important Ngaanyatjarra women’s story, Kungkarangkalpa Tjukurrpa (Seven Sisters Dreaming). Seven sisters were travelling from Warnan to Warakurna. On the way they caught a rabbit and cooked and ate it. They then turned into birds and flew to Warakurna. A wati (man) had spied on them while they were eating. He wanted to make the youngest one his wife. He tried to find them but they had flown away. He then transformed into a bird and followed them to Warakurna.

Acrylic on Canvas

300mm x 500mm

Warakurna Community is in remote Western Australia, approximately 330km from Uluru near the border of the Northern Territory.

Meet the Artist

Eunice Yunurupa Porter

Eunice Yunurupa Porter is a member of Warakurna Artists.

Meet the Artist