Large Bowl – ‘Beneath the Ripples’


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During the development of Beneath the Ripples, Casey taught her 2 year old son about sea creatures and the water they live in. Looking at some of the sea creatures that surround the beautiful Country of Minjerribah/Tjerranjeri/North Stradbroke Island and using their way of storytelling, Casey and her son saw the different animals, then mimicked their movements, then drew and created personalities for the sea creatures.

Hand painted acrylic on acacia wood.

31 x 12.5cm

Casey Coolwell-Fisher is a Quandamooka woman of Minjerribah (North Stradbroke Island, Qld).

Meet the Artist

Casey Coolwell-Fisher

Casey Coolwell-Fisher is the Quandamooka artist behind the brand Chaboo.

Meet the Artist
Portrait of Casey Coolwell-Fisher