Bulpu, Bathi (dilly bag)


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Bulpu are used for collecting and carrying. During the Wangarr (Dreaming) creator ancestors used Bulpu for the same purposes they are used today, but their baskets were plain pandanus. Nowadays there are more variations including density, shape and colour. Bulpu are made from Gunga (Pandanus Spiralis), using a twining process. Balgurr Raki (hand-spun string from the Kurrajong tree) is used to finish the bulpu and provide a handle.

Pandanus and Kurrajong tree fibres and natural dyes.

34cm x 13cm

Julieanne Malibirr is an artist associated with Gapuwiyak Art and Culture, Northern Territory.

Meet the Artist

Julieanne Malibirr

Julieanne Malibirr is member of Gapuwiyak Arts.

Meet the Artist