An-gujechiya (Fish Trap)


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An-gujechiya (Fish Trap) hand made by Maureen Ali.

This is a special natural fibre fish trap, as it is made with sand palm (Livistonia Humilis), rather than pandanus or jungle vine which Maningrida artists normally use. A beautiful sculptural form, this conical fish trap is designed for fish to swim in to the opening and the internal fibre, flexible when wet, creates a barrier making it difficult for fish to swim out.

Works in fibre from the Maningrida region are widely recognised as some of the finest in Australia. Artists confidently push the boundaries of fibre craft and cultural expression, adapting traditional techniques and forms to produce strikingly inventive and aesthetically exquisite artworks.


The fish trap is made from Sand Palm.

The fish trap stands at 130cm and 30cm width.

Maningrida Arts & Culture is based on Kunibídji country in Arnhem Land in Australia’s Northern Territory.

Meet the Artist

Maureen Ali

Maureen Ali is a member of Maningrida Arts and Culture.

Meet the Artist