Pandanus (mangkurrkwa) basket by Annabell Amagula Dingmalmurrangka


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A decorative coiled basket with handle. Handmade from bush dyed pandanus fibre in three distinct colours of the landscape; natural, brown and dull charcoal grey. Weaving is a continuation of a long-standing cultural practice. This piece is an intricate, delicate and one-of-a-kind artwork.

This basket is made from woven bush-dyed pandanus.

Small in size, it measures 14 x 8 cm.

Anindilyakwa Arts of Groote Eylandt, Northern Territory, Australia.

Meet the Artist

Annabell Amagula

Annabell Amagula is an important senior artist of Anindilyakwa Arts.

Meet the Artist
Portrait of Annabell Amagula