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This beautiful woven bag can be worn across the body or over the sholder. It is woven with raffia, a natural fibre that has similar properties like jute, bamboo and hemp fibres. The raffia fibre is from raffia palm leaves. The raffia fibre is soft, pliable, strong, durable, easy to dye and biodegradable making it an excellent material for weaving. 

Paula Savage had a natural creative ability from a very young age and during high school studied visual and commercial arts. In 2017 she became a member of Ngalmun Lagau Minaral (Moa Arts) and devoted herself full time to printmaking, weaving, dyeing, drawing and carving. Her works are strongly influenced by traditional practices, and come from that part of customary life that is both learned and lived.

Natural and dyed raffia

20cm x 6cm

Paula Savage lives and weaves on Moa Island in the Torres Strait.

Meet the Artist

Paula Savage

Paula Savage is a talented and prolific weaver and member of Moa Arts.

Meet the Artist