Rockpools 3


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This work is an exploration of emotions. The artist paints her feelings on the canvas, combining layers of mixed colour, lines and patterns inspired by the landscape. This piece promotes mindfulness and would be an amazing addition to any home or office that reflects a sense of calm.

“All of my works are an extension of my being and experiences and this body of work is no different. If I could choose one word to describe the last year or so I would put it down to ‘pressure’. A word often associated with a ‘build up’ or ‘coercion’ this series is juxtaposition of my waking state and my spiritual journey. These works are inspired by the naturally occurring patterns in nature, landscapes and surfaces formed through continual friction or flow of water and other elements. These works are a reminder that we are but a moment in time and how we choose to view and be in this world is one of many different perspectives. They are a reminder that despite the pressure of walking in two or three worlds, we are resilient and our strength and vulnerability is beautiful” ~ Rachael Sarra

Acrylic on canvas, stretched on wooden frame.

30 x 30cm

Rachael Sarra is a Goreng Goreng/Italian and Australian creative, based in Ipswich, Queensland.

Meet the Artist

Rachael Sarra

Sar.ra is Rachel Sarra, a contemporary artist from Goreng Goreng Country. Rachel's style for Sar.ra is feminine and fun, and in inspired by her heritage and role as an Aboriginal woman in a modern world.

Meet the Artist
Portait of Rachael Sarra