Jurlpa kuja kalu nyinami yurntuma-wana (birds that live around Yuendumu) painting 2


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Jurlpu kuja kalu nyinami Yurntumu-wana (Birds that live around Yuendumu) is a bright and bold depiction of a ‘jurlpu’ (bird) that lives around Yuendumu. In Warlpiri culture, jurlpu are associated with a number of different ‘Jukurrpa’ (Dreaming) stories.

Acrylic on canvas, stretched on to a wooden frame.

30 x 30 cm.

Jason Japaljarri Woods is an artist of Warlukurlangu Artists based in Yuendumu, NT.

Meet the Artist

Jason Japaljarri Woods

Jason Japaljarri Woods is a member of Warlukurlangu Artists of Yuendumu.

Meet the Artist