Proudly an Aboriginal-led Not-for-profit Organisation.

Proudly First Nations-led and managed. We’re passionate about Indigenous art and the people who create it because we’re passionate about our community.

Tjanpi Desert Weavers

Aboriginal Art Co seeks to collaborate with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander independent artists, arts businesses, and Art Centres in Queensland, and across Australia.

Wik and Kugu

We create a seamless online experience, so you can appreciate the intricacies and diversity of our arts, whether you are here to browse, shop, or research.

Buku-Larrnggay Mulka Centre

Everyone deserves the opportunity to tell their story on their own terms. That’s why we’re helping to elevate Indigenous culture and commerce on multiple fronts.

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Aboriginal Art Co consciously curates authentic Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander products to ensure quality, value and impact.

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Aboriginal Art Co

We champion First Nations art, artists and enterprise.

Established for the principal charitable purpose of the advancement and promotion of all forms of arts of Indigenous Persons.

Portrait of Troy Casey and Amanda Hayman

About the company

Established by creatives, curators and business owners, Aboriginal Art Co is a confluence of culture, art and commerce.

Aboriginal Art Co is a not-for-profit company established in July 2019. As a Registered Charity and listed on the Register Of Cultural Organisations, we are committed to creating social impacts for artists and their communities through the promotion of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander arts.

Driven by a strong sense of ethics and sustainability with expert curation that recognises 60,000+ years of continuous artistic expression, Aboriginal Art Co is building a unique and enduring brand.


We exist to provide authentic Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art and products where the creators are in control.

With fake and inauthentic Aboriginal art and souvenirs flooding the industry, artists and communities haven’t been seeing the fruits of their labour for decades.

So, we’ve decided to change things for the better.

Aboriginal Art Co. provides a platform for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to have agency over their art and culture while giving consumers a clear ethical choice in how they buy it.

This way, we all win!

Image: Basket by Tjanpi Desert Weavers
Two hands holding high woven basket carrying eucalyptus leaves
Dhaal galk (clapsticks)


Embedded in our processes, lies a strong set of core values and principles to empower our community.

AGENCY – foster Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander participation and leadership in all aspects of operation.

EXCELLENCE – showcase Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture, deliver high quality services, and produce high quality products.

COLLABORATION – create appropriate partnerships with artists, art centres as well as community organisations, government, corporates, and philanthropists.

RECIPROCITY – maintain mutually beneficial and respectful relationships with artists, art centres and businesses to achieve our mission.

TRANSPARENCY – establish fair agreements and operate with best practice engagement models whilst being open with the artists, supply chain and consumers.

INTEGRITY – promote authentic and ethically sourced Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander arts and products.

Image: Dhaal Galk (clapstick) by Mick Harding of Ngarga Warendj

Millenia old and modern day culture shines through our many diverse arts practices, and they are shared for all at the Aboriginal Art Co.

Anita Heiss, Former Board member
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