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Moreton Bay First Nations Collection

Presented by Creative Arts Alliance and Aboriginal Art Co with support from Moreton Bay Regional Council and the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland and the Regional Arts Services Network.

Encouraging locals and visitors to experience Moreton Bay to the fullest, featuring artworks by Jason Murphy, Lyndon Davis, Sylvia Jones-Terare, and BJ Murphy, this collection captures the diversity of scenery and cultural stories of the natural landscape. From the rolling green hills and bunya forests, waterways, and wetlands, to the coastal waters and beaches, the Moreton Bay First Nations Collection includes a reversible hat, carry bag, cushion and a blanket as the perfect picnic set to enjoy the great outdoors.

Thank you to the artists for trusting us with their artworks, and the Creative Arts Alliance for providing the opportunity to deliver our very first product development process to create a bespoke collection for clients Moreton Bay Regional Council. It was a challenging process, especially because we upheld our values of being ethical, sustainable and environmentally conscious. We didn’t want to take the fast and easy approach and just print artwork on merchandise, but instead we looked at designing items and engaging local makers to help create them.

This textile-based collection is a unique collaboration with four Aboriginal artists who expressed local stories through their artwork. All items are printed in Australia and adopted a ‘slow manufacturing’ methodology with items being hand-made by Brisbane-based sewers. This ensures sustainable, ethical, and eco-friendly practices.

The Nesting Turtles Reversible Hat is a statement piece that offers style, comfort, and shade, this sun hat a beautiful adaption from Silvia Jones-Terare’s Nesting Turtles of Moreton Bay artwork, it features bright colours of the sand and sea, with turtles and their journey lines. It is packable and lightweight and provides sun protection with a generous brim. It comes in adult and kid sizes so the whole family can enjoy this fun print!

The Tallo Billa (Humpback Whale) Carry Bag is beautiful and practical! This is a well-made, durable carry bag that fits a lot in it. It is perfect over the shoulder bag with strong straps. It has a large front pocket as well as a handy inside pocket to hold you smaller items such as keys. The bright detailed artwork Tallo-Billa – Humpback Whale by Lydon Davis can be worn with pride as it carries an important story of the region.

The Bunya Cushion is locally hand-screen printed and hand sewn, this versatile, compact-size cushion is perfect for the home or travel. So much more than decorative cushion, this beautiful design of the Bunya nut by artist BJ Murphy, is symbolic of an important historical story for South-East Queensland about gatherings, coming together, trading, sharing skills and knowledge and feasting, just as you would at a modern picnic. For outdoor use, we recommend you use a waterproofing spray to protect the fabric.

Yalam Mowar (Brown Snake Totem) Outdoor Blanket is a generous sized blanket with a striking design Yalam (Brown Snake) Mowar (Totem) by artist Jason Murphy, and pays homage to the Australian brown snake. The whole family can sit in comfort and style, whether is at the beach or the bush, this portable ground cover is easy to roll up and lay out and perfect for fun summer picnics. For outdoor use, we recommend you use a waterproofing spray to protect the fabric.

This is a wonderful picnic set to have ready for the weekend. The carry bag fits the cushion, blanket and hat for your convenience. Learn more about these items, the artists and artwork stories on the product pages.

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