Embrace Scarf


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One of the most powerful things in life is embracing the vulnerability it takes to get to know yourself better. I strongly believe there is a greater power working in our favour, for me it’s my ancestors. When we surrender to this sense of knowing we are able to allow ourselves the freedom of vulnerability and growth. It isn’t linear and it certainly doesn’t feel easy but the process will be beautiful if we choose to look it at like that and it most certainly will powerful. We need to be free enough to go with the flow and surrender to the process, allowing blessings to return to us – Rachael Sarra

Versatile. Perfect as a scarf, sarong and top.

Made with Chiffon

165cm x 50cm

Rachael Sarra is a contemporary artist from Goreng Goreng Country


Meet the Artist

Rachael Sarra

Sar.ra is Rachel Sarra, a contemporary artist from Goreng Goreng Country. Rachel's style for Sar.ra is feminine and fun, and in inspired by her heritage and role as an Aboriginal woman in a modern world.

Meet the Artist
Portait of Rachael Sarra