Jason Mungunbatjiwuy Marrkula – Bird Carving


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This acrylic on wood carving is by artist Jason Mungunbatjiwuy Marrkula. Jason’s designs focus on his totems, the diving bird and the cat fish.

Jason Marrkula is a Traditional Owner for the Gapuwiyak tribe and says ‘I like to share my culture with people through my art or by taking them to my land. I share my dreams, my stories with my mind and with my heart so people can learn about the land, the birds, the nature and our culture. This is really important for me.’

Acrylic on Wood Carving

H 64.5cm W 18.5cm L 16cm

Artist Jason Mungunbatjiwuy Marrkula comes from the Gubapuygu tribe and Marrkula clan group. His subsection is Gutjuk and his moiety Yirritja.