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Mentally, physically and spiritually we’re lost. Darkness has overcome us while we’re already searching for light. It’s hard to honour your own emotions and give yourself time when it seems like the world is collapsing around you. It’s not a matter of comparison but collectively the energy of compassion and love. As the sun peaks out from behind the cloud, warming our faces, a new day comes, and we let go of the pressure to be okay, sitting with our emotions. We feel, until we heal – Rachael Sarra

Versatile. Perfect as a scarf, sarong and top.

Made with Chiffon

165cm x 50cm

Rachael Sarra is a contemporary artist from Goreng Goreng Country

Meet the Artist

Rachael Sarra

Sar.ra is Rachel Sarra, a contemporary artist from Goreng Goreng Country. Rachel's style for Sar.ra is feminine and fun, and in inspired by her heritage and role as an Aboriginal woman in a modern world.

Meet the Artist
Portait of Rachael Sarra