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Our Gift Picks

Hey there! We’re the team behind Aboriginal Art Co, and we’re all about lifting up First Nations art, artists, and businesses. We are a mix of artists, creatives, business brains, and culture enthusiasts – a bunch of passionate people, all on board to celebrate and promote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art.
We’ve put together a gift guide to help you find the perfect gift for your loved ones. It’s not just about the gifts, though – it’s about spreading the love for First Nations brands and artists. We’re more than just a store; we’re an Aboriginal-led not-for-profit organisation. Every purchase you make with us creates a supply chain that keeps the profits within Indigenous communities. So, if you’re still in need of a pressie, we’d love for you to purchase with Aboriginal Art Co.

Here are our gift picks from the Aboriginal Art Co. store! We’ve chosen these goodies for someone super special in our lives. We hope it sparks some festive inspiration for your gift-giving. 🎁✨

🪃 Arabella’s Gift Pick – For Aunty 🎁

“I curated this gift box for my Auntie with things she’ll love. She’s a big fan of statement earrings and loves changing them to match her outfits. That’s why I chose woven earrings by Carly Wallace—they’re the perfect pop of colour and size. Since she’s a foodie who enjoys trying new flavours, I included rainforest Plum Conserve for her to savour the unique taste of native Australian rainforest plum. Knowing she loves art but is running out of wall space, I added “Ngiramanujuwal: The Art and Country of Jimmy Pike” to the gift box. It’s a book form, so it won’t take up much space, and it’ll look great on her coffee table for her to enjoy the art at her own pace.”
Rainforest Davidson Plum Conserve
A delicious spread by My Dilly Bag
Durban Bagii Long Woven Earrings
A stylish touch by Carly Wallace
Ngirramanujuwal Coffee Table Book
A fascinating read on the art and country of Jimmy Pike

🪃 Makayla’s Gift Pick – For Brother 🎁

“Putting together an animal-themed gift box for my animal-loving brother! This collection features sculptures from the talented artists at Warlukurlangu and Marrawuddi, adding a perfect touch to his new apartment. And, of course, one of Peter Mulcahy’s Sand Stone Necklaces – we’ve always bonded over our love for jewellery and fashion.”
Small Metal Dog
A unique piece from Warlukurlangu Artists
Karnamarr (Red Tailed Black Cockatoo) Sculpture
Created by Irene Henry & Harold Goodman from Marrawuddi Arts
Namarnkol (Barramundi) Bark Painting
from Marrawuddi Arts
Sand Stone Rock Necklace
A stylish touch by Mu-raay Djeripi (Peter Mulcahy)

🪃 Logan’s Gift Pick – For Aunty 🎁

“My aunt and I both love woven bags and this bag by Fiona Mosby from Moa Arts is so vibrant and beautiful. I’ve paired it with Kaizi’s sleep balm which smells amazing! Kaizi’s balm contains Noni, Lemon Grass and Ylang Ylang oils that soothes joints and small skin irritations (great for midges bites!) Leaning into a self-care package, the last thing I’ve added is a Bush Balm wheat pack which has Irmangka Irmangka which is used by Western Desert mob to help with circulation, sore muscles and spasms.”
Fiona Mosby Woven Bag
Vibrant and beautiful creation from Moa Arts
Kaizi’s Body Balm
Aromatic blend featuring Noni, Lemon Grass, and Ylang Ylang oils
Bush Balm Irmangka Irmangka Wheat Bag
From Purple House Dialysis, designed for circulation and muscle relief

🪃 Nisa’s Gift Pick – For Grandma 🎁

“I have put together this gift for my beautiful Grandma who loves colour, nature and is passionate about caring for the environment. This box includes a Ghost Net weaving from Numbulwar Numburindi Arts (who have an eco friendly mission with their artworks), beautiful seed earrings by Caleb Hall, a lush wattle body bar & hand cream set and a folding carry bag (both featuring stunning artworks of native bush foods).”
Joy Wildred – Bundoola (Basket / Wulbung)
Crafted from Pandanus & Ghostnet from Numbulwar Numburindi Arts
Seed Earrings by Caleb Hall
Unique and stunning designs
Hand cream and body bar set
Luxurious self-care featuring native wattle by Alpersstein Designs
Folding Bag by Alpersstein Designs
Stylish and eco-friendly, adorned with native bush food artwork by Charlene Marshall

🪃 Alicia’s Gift Pick – For Mum 🎁

“I chose a gift box for my Mum because she’s one of my best friends. I specifically chose the white speckled latte cup because my Mum and I share a love for Coffee. One of my favourite things to do on Christmas morning before all the chaos is share a cup of coffee with my mum in her garden. Being in the kitchen with Mum is also one of my favourite places to be. I learnt a lot of my cooking skills from her. Especially how to cook the perfect fish. Growing up in North Queensland we have an abundance of fresh seafood. So the fish soup tea towel was perfect for Mum. It features a screen-printed recipe for Fish Soup by Jean Tamwoy which I hope to make with Mum one day. Lastly, I picked a Magpie Goose Button Down Shift dress for Mum simply because she’s deadly and I think she would look amazing in it. Not only that, we share a love for salt water and the mangroves surrounding the coastline in the hometown I was raised in and my mum migrated to in North Queensland.”
Tea Towel Fish Soup
By Jean Tamwoy of Moa Arts Centre
White Speckled Latte Cups
By Waymbul Studios
Magpie Goose button down shift dress
Mangroves design by Jody Wiggan,
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